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Malgorzata Laniak

Malgorzata Laniak Food blogger


Malgorzata Laniak is passionate about food and shares her love of the subject along with recipes and her philosophy on her popular blog. She loves natural light and takes every opportunity to shoot outdoors in the summer. She even grows her own fruit and organic vegetables in the garden of her family home.

Malgorzata obtained a masters degree in cultural studies but couldn't escape the attraction of photography. "Nothing was as satisfying and interesting as photography," she recalls. Her interest in food prompted her to start a food blog called "Modern Taste�, where she experiments with new recipes and ideas. Now, food is her driving passion.

Malgorzota is also a freelance stylist. She collects props for her photos, preferring vintage and rustic items that exude charm and history. In her blog, she also shares ideas about natural-light food photography along with tips on shooting beautiful images without having a big studio or professional equipment.

Malgorzata lives in Poland with her family in a house with a large garden where she grows organic vegetables and fruit. She is happiest when she is outside shooting or harvesting her crop. When not working, she loves to read and work out.