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Lucy Parissi

Lucy Parissi Food blogger

United Kingdom

Lucy Parissi was born in Greece but now she lives in London where she works as a book designer, photographer and blogger. Her blog “Super Golden Bakes” details her passion for baking and cooking. For Lucy, nothing beats discovering new ingredients and preparing them. She shares her recipes with everyone through her blog.

Lucy Parissi's blog is a good reflection of her taste in food. It contains recipes ranging from extremely indulgent to nutritious and healthy, with the occasional cocktail thrown in for good measure. Her lifelong love affair with baking and cooking finally found an outlet in her food blog.

Although she works as a magazine and book designer, her blog has brought her into contact with the food scene and bloggers from all over the world. "The blog gives me the chance to indulge the nascent photographer and prop stylist in me," she explains. She uses a Nikon D810 full frame camera and selection of lenses.

She lives in East London with her husband and two children. Her recent projects have also included cook books such as Clodagh’s Kitchen Diaries, Caribbean Potluck, Cook Like A Man, The American Cookbook and many more. She is happiest when she can create bespoke recipes or when she has a chance to review products and write about them.