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Eva Lambooij

Eva Lambooij Food blogger


Eva Lambooij is lucky enough to be at home in two great European cities: Utrecht in the Netherlands and Paris, France where food is cult. She only started taking professional photographs a few years ago but already has a successful and popular blog called “Eva in the Kitchen” where she shares her recipes and life style features with her fans.

She started her blog in 2013 and really got hooked on the art of making tasty food look even better in a photo. Now she travels the world with her trusty Canon to take the food and life style photos that have become her personal trademark.

The two cities that form the focal points of her life are both famous for their wonderful food selection. She now even hosts food tours in Paris to introduce people to its fabulous cuisine.

She is a strong advocate of natural food photography and uses daylight whenever possible. She is also very ardent about edible ingredients. No tricks or artificial styling for her. Everything she shoots can be eaten afterwards. "As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing better than cooking for the people I love, and sharing delicious food with my family and friends."

Eva is also a stickler for fresh organic and fair trade products. When these are not available she always chooses locally produced products to assure freshness and quality.